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The 'Original' CaveRock Still in Use Today (17 years+)

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Kids LOVE a Backyard Cave Playhouse

Those of Us Older Like Creating Our Own Things



Landscape Rocks

 Landscape Rocks add the ultimate touch to any landscaping projector outdoor décor. Landscaping ideas can vary considerably, but incorporating landscape rocks gives your backyard or front yard the full and natural effect that appeals to all who see it.

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      to Build a Cave for the kids . . .


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Having a Totally Unique Product that we can pass along to You is what we Enjoy! Thanks to the internet we've reach Customers around the World and in All 50 States! Yep, we are literally World Famous! Tell your friends in town that you've 
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Build a Kid's Playhouse Cave

Kids in Your Backyard  
Want This Cave!

Landscaping with rocks
allows you the full choice of landscaping ideas to choose from. 

Most landscaping projects often exclude using landscaping rocks due to the high cost of purchasing, lifting, and positioning large rocks and boulders.

CaveRock Design has copyrighted their process to assist you in making your own landscape rocks and boulders so that you can easily incorporate any size rocks and boulders into your landscape project and for literally pennies on the dollar for what conventional means of using rocks and boulders would cost.

Designing your backyard lawn project is the time when, selecting the materials; including shrubs, trees, and landscaping rocks is considered. This is the critical time to decide how many of each is needed to complete the project. Now, with the ability to make as many rocks or boulders that you want, using this unique process, affords you to fully display the landscaping design you really want to showcase.

When you can create rocks and boulders virtually any size, shape, and color, to fit your lawn décor, your possibilities are endless.

Our Unique Plans Have Sold Literally Around the World!
We Have Customers in All 50 States and Over 40 Countries!
Thanks to Our Many Happy Customers!


landscape-rocks-220x271.gif (30917 bytes)


landscape-rocks-570x385.gif (145328 bytes)
Playhouse Cave


landscape-rocks-598x367.gif (184782 bytes)
Detailed Results

Stage Prop

landscape-rocks-400x350.gif (76348 bytes)

landscape-rocks-450x320.gif (114558 bytes)

landscape-rocks-612x408.gif (154911 bytes)

Stone Tomb


Rock Planter

stonehenge-re-creation-850x638.gif (268899 bytes) caverock-customer-waterfall-2016.jpg (461756 bytes)

Stonehenge Recreation

              Indoor Waterfall


Our Latest Customer's Cave Photos Below


If you can imagine it, you can create it with our totally unique plans.


  • Make fake landscape rocks and boulders that you can easily create. These artificial rocks can be used to hide electrical utility boxes, tree stumps, well heads, pool filters, build a cave, or add realistic landscaping décor to your lawn.
    Our unique artificial fake landscape rock process saves you the expense, yet provides the look, of real rocks and boulders. Our landscape rock process won't crack in cold weather. 

    Small landscape rocks can be used to cover irrigation and lighting control panels.

    Medium landscape rocks can cover a wellhead, pressure tank or septic pipe.

    Large landscape rocks can cover septic risers and cover manhole covers.

    Short landscape rocks will cover well/septic pipes.

    Long landscape rocks will hide irrigation or pond pumps.

    Large landscape rocks work great for electrical or utility boxes.

    Utility landscape rocks can cover well ports or tall electrical boxes.

    Huge landscape rocks and boulders can be used to build a duck blind, realistic rock cave for playhouse, storage, or garden shed.

    Benefits of our Totally Unique Landscape Rock Making Process:

    • Enhance your landscape design with our lightweight artificial  
       landscape rocks

    • Artificial landscape rocks are the perfect solution to cover 
      yard eyesores like pipes or pump equipment

    • Our natural-looking rocks are durable and can stand up to 
       cold without cracking. Our original cave prototype has lasted 
       for over 16 years and is still standing up to the use by kids on 
       a regular basis as a playground structure.

    • Our process is by far the most cost effective, realistic 
       looking, simple method of creating fake artificial landscape 
       rocks we have ever found.

The Possibilities are Endless!
This is a Craft Idea that Keeps on Giving
with Ideas to Make Things with Fake Rocks!
Once You Know the Secrets You Can Do Anything!

Where to Find Landscape Rocks 

No longer do you need to find landscape rocks, since you have discovered the economical means of making your own rocks and boulders.

Front Yard Landscaping is a great place to add your fake landscaping rocks and boulders for that perfect accent that separates your lawn from all the rest.

Landscape Rock Costs 
The cost to incorporate rocks and boulders is no longer a concern in your landscaping project estimates thanks to CaveRock Design and their unique method of making your own rocks and boulders to fit perfectly into your landscape design.

How to Clean Landscaping Rocks
Why spend time needlessly cleaning landscaping rocks just to have them ready to place into your backyard lawn layout. CaveRock Design has eliminated this step all together. Less time in preparing your landscaping project to get underway is a time and money saver.

Hollow Landscape Rocks
Using hollow landscape rocks provides lighter weight for ease in positioning and gives you option to cover, hide, and divert attention from unsightly items that are in your yard such as tree stumps, electrical boxes, well heads, sprinkler controls, and irrigation piping.

The multiple uses for CaveRock Design’s economical and realistic process of making custom rocks and boulders is always growing. We have had churches to use our plans to build re-creations of Jesus’ tomb at Easter, we have had duck blinds built with our process, mailboxes, flower planters, man cave conversions in basements, animal habitats to resemble natural environments and many other uses.

Regardless of the type of outdoor project you are wanting to create, CaveRock Design's rock making process will be your best overall method for saving you money and time with a new found knack that will stay with you to use in the future and to share your secrets to rock making among friends and family.

We encourage you to visit our somewhat competition for fake landscape rock. The prices for ready-made fake rocks, even the very small stones, are higher than it would cost you to make your own and learn a totally unique process that will stay with you forever.

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Unique Playhouse Cave Plans

The Original

The Most Realistic DIY Landscape 
Rocks & Boulders for LESS!


Landscape Rocks - fake rocks and boulders are the New Outdoor Craft Idea that is spreading like wildfire!. You can be the first to in your neighborhood or town to Build a Cave Playhouse or Garden Shed!

Landscape Rocks by CaveRock Design are easy to build and last for years of outdoor enjoyment. Fake landscape rocks are cool when you take away the issue of lifting and moving. Landscape rocks ROCK!

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Disclaimer: The Stonehenge stone work pictured above was created not using our process, a family member actually visited the site and said it was so close to our process it is no question that a person(s) could easily have re-created it with our process. They used a fiberglass composition where our process does not and no machines or molds are used in our process.


Landscape Rocks
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Product description: Landscape Rocks - rock garden landscaping rocks is by far the easiest and cheapest way to make DIY landscape rocks and boulders. Make fake landscape rocks and create realistic fake landscaping rocks, stage props, fake rock covers and more

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