FAQ About DIY Landscape Rocks and Boulders

FAQ DIY Landscape Rocks 

Frequently Asked Questions about our unique process:

Without giving away our process we do hope to answer most of your questions about what it is that we do that is different and more cost efficient in making fake rocks and boulders.

Once you have our process in hand, you can always re-use the process for countless projects in the future as well. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. How big can you make boulders?  Our boulder plans can be any size or shape you desire, with our plans you are the sculptor. Depending on where you choose to erect your boulders, you may want to customize it's position, shape or size.

  2. Is it hard to build? No, if you can build a rabbit pen, frame up a lawn building, you can easily create boulders. (precision is not a requirement, it's a sculpture)

  3. Is fiberglass or molding involved in it's construction? No, our unique plans are designed for the do-it-yourselfers, your boulders will look, feel, and resemble actual stone or rock.

  4. How long does it take to build?  This depends on your personal project, but consider at least 2 days to complete most projects

  5. Where do I get the needed materials? There are no unusual parts or materials used and any hardware store will have everything you'll need.

  6. Are there any special tools needed to complete this craft? No, just a hammer, nails, mixing bucket, pliers, paint brushes, wire, and gloves.

  7. Can you incorporate these boulders into a waterfall or fish pond? Yes, we've had several customers ask this question, we offer suggestions  in our plans, if this is your intent. 

  8. Can I interact with you if I need help during my project? Absolutely, We are here to assist you through any steps that you may need. Just Ask US 

  9. How Much does it cost to build ? This is dependent on size and number of boulders, but it is definitely the cheapest method you will find

  10. What liabilities do you offer? None! This is a craft project constructed by you, therefore, we obviously can't be at your location to supervise, inspect, or approve your construction. Our product is for instruction purpose only. We can only attest to our own personal experiences. Safety is stressed in our plans.


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FAQ DIY Landscape Rocks