How to Make a Cave

How to Make a Cave for the Kids

Caves are a never ending piece of nature that is always fun to see, experience, and to have your very own cave in your backyard is Way COOL! Now, it is possible to make your own cave and design it to fit into your own landscaping as if it was there all along.

To make your own cave is really much simpler than you would think. We've eliminated the guesswork and the hard work as well. 

Just follow our simple process and plans and you can create any size cave your desire.

You will be the envy of your neighborhood for sure, with your very own backyard cave structure that looks and feels like real rock.

With our copyright plans you can't mess this up. Step by step plans with pictures to follow along with is what we've created to make your cave building a cinch to turn out a perfect cave every time.

Now you can make a cave just like the theme parks and mini-golf courses you see when on vacation. The kids and grandkids will think you have built their own theme park in your backyard. Kids love having their own "Special Place" to hang out and hide out in as well.

Make a Cave for yourself and show off the most unique ManCave in town! The guys will think you hired a top-notch contractor to make your cave.

Make a cave in your basement, your garage, or outside in the yard. The choice is yours, but don't pass up the only method that is this inexpensive to make and have last for years of enjoyment, even outdoors.

Landscaping is suppose to be a fun time designing, creating, and making an area look better and more inviting than before you get started. Adding rocks and boulders will always accomplish that goal easier than any other additive.

Your hardware store usually has an area set aside for your landscaping needs and you then have to look elsewhere for rocks and boulders. With CaveRock Designís method of rock making, you can now make one stop shopping a breeze with the ability to make your own rocks. All the materials that you will need to make your own rocks and boulders can be found at any hardware store.

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.The Most Realistic DIY Landscape 
Rocks & Boulders for LESS!


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Make a Cave in Your Backyard

A Customer from Costa Rica Built His Man Cave!

Landscape Rocks - fake rocks and boulders are the New Outdoor Craft Idea that is spreading like wildfire!. You can be the first to in your neighborhood or town to Build a Cave Playhouse or Garden Shed!

 Make a Cave by CaveRock Design is easy to build and last for years of outdoor enjoyment. Fake landscape rocks are cool when you take away the issue of lifting and moving. Landscape rocks ROCK!

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