Landscape Rock Designs and Ideas

Landscape Rock Designs & Ideas 

In order for you to see what is possible with our unique process, we have taken clips from around the net where you can envision what you can re-create or give you ideas
of what is doable with our plans.

Making Your Own Rocks and Boulders is FUN & CHEAPER!

You will have learned a process that will last you a lifetime that you can impress Family and Friends with your own personal talent that you can now do all by yourself.

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Landscape Rock Designs in 
While not all of the images below are from actual customers, the intent is to show what is capable to create using our CaveRock Plans. Credit is given to each image's location online where necessary.

We Encourage You To Visit Our Landscape Rock Competitors Online and See What is Available to Purchase Readymade. But, if you want to Make Your Own Rocks and Boulders, then what we offer is a GREAT SAVINGS!

There is obviously a great cost savings by creating your own rocks and boulders. But the fun of knowing how it is done and knowing you made your own landscape rocks and designs is something that makes it all the more enjoyable to share and boast about.


What we hope you will decide is that while you can order a particular rock or boulder for your landscaping project, why would you spend that kind of money if you can build one just like it for PENNIES On The DOLLAR? Order Our Plans Today!



Landscaping with Rocks

The Original

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Landscape Rocks - fake rocks and boulders are the New Outdoor Craft Idea that is spreading like wildfire!. You can be the first to in your neighborhood or town to Build a Cave Playhouse or Garden Shed! Landscape Rocks by CaveRock Design are easy to build and last for years of outdoor enjoyment. Fake landscape rocks are cool when you take away the issue of lifting and moving. Landscape rocks ROCK!

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